Question: How long was Gaz and Lillie together?

Designer and model Lillie has appeared on both Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach, and has suffered a lot of heartbreak in the past, very publicly. She dated Gaz for two years before they split in 2015.

Why did Gary break up with Lillie?

Lillie reignites the feud The couple called it quits after Gaz slept with Jemma Lucy during his first night of filming Ex On The Beach. Charlotte also revealed that she had suffered an ectopic pregnancy while he was away filming.

Who did Gaz Beadle cheat on Lillie with?

SEX mad Gaz Beadle is forced to admit he cheated on girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg during an Aussie holiday in next weeks Ex On the Beach. The lothario was caught by surprise when Aussie ex Chrysten Zenoni turned up at the villa setting tongues wagging about their past.

Is Lillie Lexie Gregg married?

Josh McEachran Lillie Lexie Gregg/Partner

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