Question: Are there any women on the Bumble app?

Is Bumble a sexist app?

Bumble has been considered as a feminist Tinder. In June 2016, Bumble posted an open letter to its blog and blocked a user for sexist behavior after he had an outburst at a female user who asked him what he did for a living.

Who is the Bumble app girl?

Whitney Wolfe Herd Whitney Wolfe Herd, the 31-year-old founder and CEO of the online-dating app Bumble, took her company public Thursday, and she is the youngest-ever woman to do so.

Is Bumble a feminist app?

With its uninhibited and feminist approach, where only women are allowed to make the initial move, Bumble has found success with teens, millennials and older demographics. Bumble is more than an app, its a movement, boasts the platform.

Is tinder owned by Bumble?

Match Group owns Tinder, OkCupid, and every other big online dating site in the US — except Bumble. Bumbles CEO, an ex-Tinder executive, sued Match Groups parent company for discrimination in 2014.

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