Question: How do you date a Hummel?

A Hummel figurine can be dated by the marking or trademark on the underside of its base. This mark is also referred to as the backstamp, stamp, or figure. This is very important as Hummel values are determined by age as well as scarcity.

How are Hummels marked?

The identifying marks on the UNDERSIDE of Hummels tell the Hummel Model Number (HUM), the size indicator (Arabic and Roman Numerals), the year of release (usually the year after the production year), and sometimes the paint and/or painters code numbers (incised Arabic numbers or script initials).

What does R mean on a Hummel?

The (R) is for registered only and has no other significance or added value. This bee can be dated from 1950 to 1959 with some variations in the mix. The Baby bees also came into play after 1955, and the stamped stylized bee also came in in 1957 and continued thru 1959.

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