Question: What does gym rat mean?

What is a gym rat meaning?

Definitions of gym rat. someone who spends all leisure time playing sports or working out in a gymnasium or health spa. type of: addict, freak, junkie, junky, nut. someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction.

Where did the term gym rat originate?

This term was probably coined in a joking manner to make light-hearted fun of people who enjoy laboratory work. While it may be used in a pejorative manner by those that dislike lab work, it could also be used warmly by those who enjoy it to describe themselves. Etymology : This is a compound of the term lab + rat.

How do I make exercise a daily habit?

How to make exercise a habitBe armed and ready. Forming a habit doesnt come without a bit of effort early on. Start as you mean to go on. If your ultimate goal is to exercise, say, three times a week, start out by doing that rather than building up to it. Dont just focus on weight loss. Know yourself. Dont lose heart.8 Feb 2015

What is the average lifespan of a rat?

Brown rat: 2 years Black rat: 12 months Rat/Lifespan Usually, rats live for around 2 years, but some may live for longer. Although this may appear a short time in comparison to other pet animals, owning rats is still a big responsibility and commitment.

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