Question: Who is the most expensive on cameo?

As of this writing, boxer Floyd Mayweather is the most expensive celebrity on Cameo. He charges a whopping $15,000 for a Cameo video.

Who has made the most money on Cameo?

Brian Baumgartner Brian Baumgartner, best known for his role as Kevin Malone from The Office, was Cameos top earner in 2020. In an interview with The New York Times, Cameo CEO and co-founder Steven Galanis revealed that the star made more than $1 million.

How do I get a Cameo?

How does Cameo work? To request a Cameo, youll need to make an account and visit the Cameo Marketplace through the Cameo website or app, where you can sort the thousands of available celebrities based on category.

How much is a photo op with Chris Evans?

If selected to make a purchase, the price for the photo op is $200. - You are only allowed to register for 2 tickets per buyer.

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