Question: How do plus size people feel pretty?

How can I be confident with a plus size body?

10 Easy Steps to Finding Body Positive ConfidenceUnderstand the media isnt as body positive as you think. Surround yourself with people who breed positivity. Invest in yourself. Help the haters. Put yourself out there and take risks. Stop comparing yourself to others. Create. Perception is reality.More items •9 Nov 2017

How can a woman be confident and seductive?

These five tips that can help you feel confident in your body so you can be your sensual, seductive and sexy self:Walk with confidence. The way you walk can tell a lot about the level of your self-esteem and confidence. Practice some feminine or seductive dance. Love your body. Practice self-care rituals. Sleep nude.

How can a plus size woman gain confidence?

How to be A Confident Plus Size WomanSurrounding myself with other plus size bodies. One of the most impactful things for me has been analyzing who I follow on social media. Keeping active. Filling my life with things I enjoy. Having open and honest conversations. Embracing my awkwardness.5 Sep 2021

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