Question: Does Tinder use a database?

Tech structure. From the start, Tinder has used the MongoDB NoSQL open source database to support its service - for some time as an in-house implementation and also with several third-party providers. The horizontal scale we need is handled within Mongo itself. Thats a really big advantage for us.

Does Tinder sell data?

Tinder definitely shares personal user data with around 45 other Match Group companies, such as Hinge, OK Cupid, and Plenty of Fish among others. The company shares user data with third-parties for purposes such as analytics, advertising and payment processing.

Why does Tinder use so much storage?

It might be that it caches the profiles you visit and or see. (The images and such) so it might grow because of that. Though in that scenario, you did an awful lot of swiping! Tinder is either doing something terrible or it has bugs.

How long does Tinder hold your information?

three months Tinder retains your data for three months, to potentially be used for advertising purposes or shared with third parties. Therefore, you may want to know what data Tinder has collected from you before deleting your account, as you wont have the chance once it is gone.

Does Tinder only work with WiFi?

The requirement is of internet access and it really doesnt matter if its getting that through Mobile Data or WiFi. Thus, you can use mobile data. It will work.

When should I delete Tinder?

For security reasons, youll need to delete your Tinder account while signed in to the app or Keep in mind, when you delete your account you permanently lose matches, messages, and other info associated with it.

What happens if I clear Tinder data?

Resetting your Tinder account can get you shadowbanned, especially if you delete it then try to recreate it a few minutes later. (Classic bot behavior.) When youre shadowbanned, the app seems normal to you, but no one else can see you. So you wont be getting any matches.

Why does WiFi not work on Tinder?

It may be necessary to start using Mobile Data on a smartphone device if Tinder still isnt working with a Wi-Fi connection. This will require that the Wi-Fi be turned off first. The user should check the Tinder app again after the data has been turned on to see if there are any more issues with it.

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