Question: Where did Ophelia meet Hamlet?

Where did Hamlet meet Ophelia?

In Act One, scene three, where we first meet her, Laertes and Polonius admonish Ophelia not to trust Hamlets expressions of love.

How does Ophelia see Hamlet?

She is described as a beautiful young woman, and she is also the love interest of the main character in the story Hamlet. Her love for Hamlet and her loyalty to her father creates friction and leads to tragedy in Ophelias life.

How was Hamlet and Ophelia relationship?

Ophelia is Polonius daughter and Laertes sister. Hamlet has been in love with her for a while before the play starts and has given her several gifts during their courtship until her father warns her away from him and tells her not to see him anymore. During the play, he treats her very badly.

Where in Hamlet does Ophelia go crazy?

In Act 4, sc. 5, Ophelia comes into the scene with Gertrude and Claudius. Ophelias singing and her seemingly nonsensical responses to Claudius and Gertrude indicate that she has gone mad.

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