Question: Does Danny still own the shore store?

Wait — what is Danny Merk doing now? Merk still owns the Seaside Heights shore house and the infamous Shore Store. During the offseason, the married father of two helps his family with their 17 Halloween stores scattered throughout Florida.

How much is Danny from the Shore Store worth?

Whats Danny Merks net worth? While the net worth of famous folks is always an approximation, Naijalift believes Dannys net worth to be $15 million. Not too bad, Danny! The shop owner was probably paid for his appearances by MTV, and his sales were most likely boosted from all the episodes he was in.

How much does it cost to rent the Jersey Shore house?

The Jersey Shore house is estimated at $873,781 and rent can be as high as $15,000 for a 3-day weekend.

Who owns the Shore house?

Danny Merk Danny Merk, who was the casts boss at the shore store, still owns the house to this day. The house is actually located on top of his shore store where the cast spent their summer working.

Does someone live in the Jersey Shore house?

The Jersey Shore rental has a ton of accommodations The home, located at 1209 Ocean Terrace, sleeps up to 11 people. The house comes with all of the amenities seen on the show.

Who is the richest Jersey Shore member?

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro — Net Worth: $3 million.

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