Question: How do I delete pictures from Truly Madly?

To request removal of personal information from any blog, User has to contact TrulyMadly at In some cases, TrulyMadly may not be able to remove the information from the blog, in which case TrulyMadly will inform the User of such inability.

Is Truly Madly fake?

Fake trulymadly Its almost 100 percent fake. Just click anywhere and it ask for money.

Is Truly Madly better than tinder?

TrulyMadlys most obvious difference from Tinder is that it uses trust-based scores to verify its users. Tinder puts a lot of focus on location, but TrulyMadly instead looks to compatibility quizzes and scoring.

How Good Is Truly Madly app?

The Good: Intuitive, Trust Score makes sure you see genuine people, and only interact with people you like. It also helps in building some credibility for the service itself, though the bad takes some of the sheen away. The Bad: Photos and personal preferences are open, though only to verified users.

How do I get truly madly membership for free?

TrulyMadly Promo code. Book your movie tickets with Paytm and get TrulyMadly subscription worth Rs 399 Free. The unique voucher will be shared via SMS & Email within 2 hours of movie ticket bookings. Apply the promo code to avail of the free offer.

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