Question: How do you get hooked on a feeling?

Who did Hooked on a Feeling?

Hooked on a Feeling is an album by Swedish Rock band Blue Swede released in 1974. They became known internationally recognized largely due to their ooga chaka cover of Jonathan Kings 1971 version of the 1968 Mark James song Hooked on a Feeling.

Is Singer B.J. Thomas still alive?

Deceased (1942–2021) B. J. Thomas/Living or Deceased

What happened Blue Swede?

Blue Swede was a Swedish rock band fronted by Björn Skifs which was active between the years 1973–1975. They disbanded after Skifs decided to embark on his solo career.

When did B.J. Thomas Release Hooked on a Feeling?

1968 Hooked on a Feeling/Released He unveiled his first solo album that same year and in 1968, Hooked on a Feeling — from his sophomore record On My Way — became his second million-selling release.

Where did Uga Chaka come from?

In the first song by Johnny Preston, ooga chaka is basically some white backup singers trying to sound like theyre doing an Indian (i.e., Native American) war chant.

What drugs did B.J. Thomas take?

You can probably guess the wrong decisions B.J. refers to making. He admits taking up to 80 pills in a day, primarily valium and amphetamines and at one point stayed awake and wired for eleven consecutive days. But his favorite drug was cocaine.

What drugs was B.J. Thomas addicted to?

Thomas would later say the phenomenon of “Raindrops” exacerbated an addiction to pills and alcohol which dated back to his teens, when a record producer in Houston suggested he take amphetamines to keep his energy up. He was touring and recording constantly and taking dozens of pills a day.

What killed B.J. Thomas?

Lung cancer B. J. Thomas/Cause of death B.J. Thomas, a country and pop hitmaker and five-time Grammy winner who contributed to the Southernization of popular music in the 1960s and 70s, died on Saturday at his home in Arlington, Texas. He was 78. The cause was complications of lung cancer, said a spokesman, Jeremy Westby of 2911 Media.

How did B.J. Thomas meet his wife?

As most country music love stories start, B.J. Thomas and Gloria first met in a club. In an interview he had with Closer Weekly, Thomas dished the story. According to him, he saw a girl across the table who turned out to be Gloria. She was hanging out with a friend of his who was a drummer.

Is B.J. Thomas dead?

Deceased (1942–2021) B. J. Thomas/Living or Deceased

Is B.J. Thomas still alive?

Deceased (1942–2021) B. J. Thomas/Living or Deceased

What does sick slang mean?

So in slang sick is an adjective describing something that is cool or excellent. To describe something being sick is to give a compliment. For example: - Whoa, your new car is sick!

Are hooked on?

1 : addicted to (a drug) He got hooked on drugs at an early age. 2 : very interested and enthusiastic about (something) Hes hooked on skiing. She got hooked on the show after watching one episode.

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