Question: Whats the max level in TF2?

In addition to levels, there are tiers. After you surpass level 150, you will be reset to level 1, while your tier will increase by 1, and your badge will change its appearance accordingly. There are 8 tiers in total, making the maximum level 150, Tier 8.

How does TF2 MMR work?

Your MMR increases by winning matches and goes down by losing. Push your MMR high enough and youll rank up. But be careful -- youll drop rank if you lose too much.

Is Team Fortress 2 a dead game?

Yes but actually no. Its dead in the sense that the devs put little effort into the game, the last big update being around 2016 - 2017.

Is Valve still working on TF2?

Once news of the bot invasion hit media outlets, Valve finally rolled out an update aimed at curbing their activity. Theres still a big bot problem in TF2, and it looks like Valve is still ignoring it.

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