Question: Who owns elite singles website?

Is EliteSingles and SilverSingles the same company?

The primary difference is that SilverSingles is geared toward people over age 50. Elite Singles, however, markets itself to adults of all ages who hold at least a bachelors degree and consider themselves professionals.

Who started EliteSingles?

Elite Singles was started by co-founders, David Khalil and Lukas Brosseder. These gentlemen started the company Affinitas GmbH in Berlin, Germany back in 2008, and their first online dating platform was eDarling, which still successfully operates across 20 countries to this day.

Where is SilverSingles located?

Contact detailsCompany:Sparks NetworkAddress:SilverSingles Customer Care, Spark Networks, 3300 N. Ashton Blvd, Suite 240, Lehi, UT

Does elite singles cost money?

Elite Singles membership costs: 3-month membership: $57.95 / month. 6-month membership: $44.95 / month. 12-month membership: $31.95 / month.

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