Question: What is Ashtakoot and Dashakoot?

The age-old methodology primarily practiced in Northern India for matching the compatibility factors of between a prospective couple is known as the Vedic Ashtakoot Guna Milan, while the methodology practiced in Southern India is known as the Dashakoot Guna Milan.

Which Rashi is suitable for marriage?

As a thumb-rule it is believed that: the fifth, seventh and ninth rashi from your own rashi makes for a good life-partner. For example, if your rashi is Makar, then Mithun, Sinha and Tula would make good life-partners for you.

How do you nullify Bhakoot Dosha?

For a Bhakoot Dosha to be nullified in this way, there must be a full compatibility score in Nadi matching and Tara matching. This means both the boy and the girl must have benefic Tara. When there exists a strong match in Nadi matching and Vashya matching, Bhakoot dosha is cancelled.

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