Question: What was Carrie Bradshaws salary?

According to the girlboss blog, Carrie would make approximately $38,000/year, which is roughly $52,000 in todays economy. On her salary, we see Carrie spend thousands on shoes and somehow manages to live in a Brownstone, one of the most expensive housing in New York City.

What was Samantha Jones salary?

5 Samantha Jones Her actual salary is difficult to pinpoint because she works for herself at her own PR firm, but having clients like Lucy Liu and Richard Wright means she can comfortably make around $150,000.

How much did Carrie Bradshaw make per episode?

Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw: $150 million (£107.7m) Between 2016 and 2019, Parker produced and starred in TV series Divorce, a three-season show for which she reportedly earned $275,000 (£200k) per episode.

How much would Carrie and Bigs apartment cost?

(And because youre already wondering: Carrie and Mr Bigs pre-war apartment with that huge closet is a real penthouse located across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, reportedly rents for $190,000 a month, and is priced between $40 to $50 million to purchase outright.) BRB, swooning.

What is Carrie Bradshaw worth?

$150 million Sarah Jessica Parker a.k.a. Carrie Bradshaw This performance even helped her start her own production house. According to the latest report by Celebrity Net Worth, Sarah Jessica Parkers net worth is $150 million and is expected to grow once the Sex and the City reboot premieres.

How many guys does Carrie Bradshaw sleep with?

In six series of Sex and the City, she dated 28 men. Some lasted years. Others barely made it beyond the appetizers.

Does someone live in Carrie Bradshaws apartment?

In the much-loved series, Carrie lived in a pretty spacious rent-controlled apartment at 245E 73rd Street — an address that doesnt actually exist. Instead, the Sex and the City apartment used for filming is located down leafy Perry Street in Manhattans West Village.

Does Sarah Jessica Parker really have curly hair?

Sarah Jessicas hair is naturally very curly so even when Im curling it, I straighten out most of it first and then add in different kinds of textures.

How big is Charlotte Yorks apartment?

That makes a 1,000 square foot apartment worth around $1.8 million. Charlottes fictional home was so much more expensive because of its pricey street address and amenities.

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