Question: Where are Hamilton pocket watches made?

Although Hamilton watches are still manufactured, they are owned by the Swatch Company and are manufactured in Switzerland. Hamilton was the last of the great American watch manufacturers to cease US production in 1969. Hampden ceased wrist watch production after 1927. Hamilton bought out Illinois in 1928.

Is Hamilton watch a good brand?

Overall, Hamilton is considered a mid-priced Swiss brand superior in quality and design compared to the counterparts in the same price range. Hamilton is definitely not a luxury watch brand, as the attention to detail and sophistication of the wristwear is not on par with the likes of Omega or Tag Heuer.

Is the Hamilton Watch company still in business?

The Hamilton Watch Company is a Swiss manufacturer of wristwatches based in Bienne, Switzerland. Founded in 1892 as an American firm, the Hamilton Watch Company ended American manufacture in 1969.

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