Question: Where in Manchester is the First Dates restaurant?

First Dates Manchester is filmed at The Refinery in Manchesters Spinningfields district. The restaurant prides itself on being is a laid back, chic drinking and dining destination and offers a unique space with a carefully crafted seasonal menu, quirky cocktails and fine wines.

Is there a First Dates restaurant in Manchester?

The Manchester restaurant used to film hit Channel 4 show First Dates has closed permanently due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Where is the new First Dates restaurant?

The new restaurant is called The Refinery, and it is located in Spinningfields, Manchester.

When was First Dates Manchester filmed?

Airing on Tuesday, January 19, the new First Dates series was filmed last year. Filming was due to begin in Manchester in early March but due to the coronavirus pandemic it had to be halted, reports Manchester Evening News, before being picked up again in September of 2020.

How was First Dates filmed in Covid?

At the time, Greater Manchester was in Tier 3, but filming was allowed to go ahead as it was a closed TV set and not open to the general public. Show bosses were able to make the show look like it usually does (without face masks and social distancing) due to rapid coronavirus testing on set.

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