Question: How is dating in Berlin?

Is Berlin good for dating?

Berlin is an open, eclectic and wild city — with a dating culture to match. Overall, nearly any type of lifestyle or preference can seem normal in Berlin if youre in the right place and the right community — just make sure youre not looking for long-term commitment.

Is it easy to meet people in Berlin?

As daunting as it may seem and no matter how gruff Berliners may appear on the surface (were all familiar with the renowned “Berliner Schnauze”), if you put yourself out there and really are open to it, its quite easy to make new friends in Berlin.

Is Berlin a romantic city?

Berlin is at its most beautiful when experienced together. We have put together ideas for beautiful trips into nature, but also unexpectedly romantic places in the middle of Berlin, in the heart of the city. Even if some places are currently still closed, you will find enough beautiful places to be together and alone.

What is there to do in Berlin unique?

19 Fun & Unusual Things to Do in BerlinWatch the sunset at Klunkerkranich. Take The Berliner Unterwelten Tour. Swim at Badeschiff. Stroll in Schoneberg. Eat at Thai Park. Day Trip to the Forbidden City. Chill out at HolzMarkt. Hip-Hop Night at Badehaus.More items •10 Oct 2018

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