Question: Whats better Flickr or 500px?

Flickr and 500px are both extremely popular, with Flickr possessing more of a varied audience than its opponent. Flickr, on the other hand, is best for anyone wanting to share photos with as extensive an audience as possible, whether they are professional-quality images or holiday snaps.

Is there anything better than Flickr?

Imgur. Imgur is a widely popular photo-sharing website. It has grown an immense following that hosts amateur photographers who like to follow and share viral images. It is a great Flickr alternative if you are looking to host images to be used on your website, forums, or Reddit.

Is 500px any good?

500px is a good platform for sharing your images and finding inspiration by browsing other photographers work. However, its hard to recommend a paid 500px membership. The main selling point of this platform is that you can easily license your photos, but you dont have any ability to set your own prices.

Does 500px own your photos?

You own the copyright to your photos Images from the 500px collection are royalty-free, which means that buyers pay a one-time flat rate to use them, but not to own them.

Can I earn money from 500px?

Sell your photos and get paid up to 60% royalties Once your photos are approved for our collection, you can earn up to 60% royalties on your photos that are licensed exclusively through 500px.

Why should I use 500px?

500px has one of the best interfaces, even after comparing with Facebook, Google+, Flickr. It is well-designed, unobtrusive and simple. Its interface is meant for photographers. 500px does not encourage any advertisements in any form.

Can I use 500px for free?

Royalty-free content is licensed for unlimited, perpetual use, and pricing is based on the file size. Content submitted to 500px for licensing is all royalty-free.

What does 500px pay for photos?

How much does it cost to sell photos through 500px and your distribution partners? Nothing! Its totally free to contribute your photos to 500px Licensing, and you earn 60% of net sales on images youve submitted exclusively for licensing. All 500px membership levels can contribute; Free, Awesome and Pro.

Should I license through 500px?

All content submitted to 500px for licensing is royalty-free, but you always own your copyright when you work with 500px. The best advice an editor ever gave me is to try licensing more work. Aim for different moods and different styles. You never know what will hit the spot.

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