Question: What is Athens Georgia best known for?

Nicknamed the Classic City, the college town of Athens is best known as the home to the University of Georgia, which was established in 1875. Its also home to a thriving music industry that gave birth to big names like R.E.M. and the B-52s, both of which reference Athens in their music.

Is there anything to do in Athens GA?

There are plenty of things to do outdoors in Athens. Here are some top ideas: Find some space and a breath of fresh air at Athens, GA parks. Oconee Rivers Greenway, offer fishing, kayaking, walking, biking, skating, hiking and picnicking opportunities.

What makes Athens GA unique?

Many words can be used to describe Athens: vibrant, picturesque, eccentric, quaint, but most importantly, unique. Athens, GA is anything but ordinary. Live music, one-of-a-kind local eats, and lots of red and black are awaiting you. Athens is as quirky and fun as they come.

Who is famous from Athens Georgia?

The Most Famous Person Born in Athens, Georgia is Jeff Daniels.

Why is Athens called the Classic City?

The town was named by the late governor John Milledge for Athens, Greece, known as the center of classical learning, thus giving Athens, Georgia, its nickname: the Classic City.

How much is airport shuttle in Atlanta?

Atlanta Airport Shuttle from $16.50 | Ground Transportation Options.

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