Question: Who is the host of farmer wants a wife?

Host Natalie Gruzlewski shepherded the group through a round of speed dating in the hopes of quickly eliminating those that didnt spark a flame. Farmer Wants A Wife returns to Seven tonight from 7.30PM.

Is Natalie Gruzlewski still married?

But offscreen, Natalie, 43, has a beautiful love life of her own with husband Jack Ryan. The pair married in 2012, a year after Natalie split from her first husband, former professional surfer Luke Egan, whom she was married to between 2009 and 2011.

Who has hosted farmer wants a wife?

host Natalie Gruzlewski The Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion premiers 7.30pm Wednesday, 11 August, on Channel Seven and 7plus. Join host Natalie Gruzlewski as she sits down with Farmers Will, Andrew, Matt, Sam and Rob to find out who is still in love, who has found their happily ever after and whether another Farmer wedding is on the horizon.

Who did Natalie Gruzlewski marry?

Jack Ryanm. 2012 Luke Eganm. 2007–2010 Natalie Gruzlewski/Spouse

How old is Natalie Gruzlewski?

About 44 years (1977) Natalie Gruzlewski/Age

How old is Farmer Wants a Wife host?

Insiders say 44-year-old Natalie is in a great bargaining position given FWAWs strong ratings compared to Nines Beauty and the Geek and 10s The Bachelor. The ratings have made everyone at Channel Seven very happy and Nat is in prime position to negotiate a bigger fee, claimed a source.

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