Question: Is it true that BTS member V is single?

The one to have caught our eye is BTS member Kim Tae-Hyung, also known as V. Fans have been curious and very interested in knowing if V is dating anyone and his current relationship status. There have been many rumors sparked on his relationship status. So as of now, V is single and can not be dating anyone so far.

Is V from BTS dating someone?

Who is V dating? Whilst V is currently single, hes the only member of BTS whose official relationship status has been discussed openly by their management Big Hit Entertainment.

Does BTS V live alone?

Taehyung is roommate with BTS leader RM! Together, they live in one of the biggest rooms in the apartment. The apartment is located in one of the richest parts of Seoul- Hannam Hill in Gangnam. The handsome idol has many paintings of his own face, made by the loyal BTS fans.

What Taehyung looks for in a girl?

He wants a girlfriend who is kind and compassionate. Someone who takes care of herself mentally. By “talks nicely”, we think that he means someone intelligent over everything else. It looks like internal qualities are the most important part to Vs ideal partner.

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