Question: What games can couples play over the phone?

What is a good game to play with your girlfriend over the phone?

If shes into shooters and being competitive, play Fortnite, PUBG, or COD Mobile together. Or if hes into them, trying Fortnite will show him you care and are willing to try new things. If those are too hard or competitive try Clash of Clans. Another popular game to play with friends or a girlfriend are board games.

What can couples do for fun over the phone?

19 Fun activities and ideas for talking over the phone!Conversation Cubes. When conversation becomes slow, whip out your trustee conversation cubes! Watch a Movie together. Watch a movie together while on the phone. Trivia Night. Sing a duet. Crossword puzzle swap/race. Watch the skies. mpersonations. Bedtime Stories.More items •Dec 26, 2013

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