Question: Why are engineers hard to date?

Why are engineers so arrogant?

Engineers who are trying to fake confidence at work are the ones who often come across as arrogant, because what they show is not what real confidence looks like. Or they will want to push their opinions and choices despite contrary empirical data, because they think confident people ought to make a grand stand.

Are engineering students arrogant?

Most engineering students are not arrogant but stressed and bitter, and this bitterness often gets confused for arrogance. Granted, some of these students act like condescending jackasses and nobody likes being around them.

Why are engineers socially awkward?

Software engineers might be socially awkward because they were probably shy in the first place, which led them to choose a career where they dont have to deal with people too much. It also helps them do a better job when theyre allowed to concentrate and not worry about social interaction.

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