Question: Is Tamanna a boyfriend?

What is Tamanna caste?

Early life and background. Tamannaah was born on 21 December 1989 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, to Santhosh and Rajani Bhatia. She has an elder brother, Anand Bhatia. Her father is a diamond merchant. She is of Sindhi Hindu descent.

How old is tamannaah?

31 years (December 21, 1989) Tamannaah/Age

Does tamannaah drink alcohol?

Does Tamannaah Bhatia drink alcohol or smoke? No. Tamannaah Bhatia doesnt smoke or drink.

Who is Trisha Krishnan boyfriend?

Varun Manian On 23 January 2015 Trisha became engaged to Varun Manian, a Chennai-based businessman.

Is Ramya Krishnan Brahmin?

Ramya Krishnan was born on September 15, 1967 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in a Tamil Iyer Brahmin family. She is the niece of Cho Ramaswamy, an actor and outspoken politician.

Is Sneha a tamilian?

Suhasini Rajaram Naidu (born 12 October 1981), known by her stage name Sneha, is an Indian actress who works primarily in Tamil and Telugu language films. She became one of Tamil cinemas contemporary lead actresses in the 2000s, following appearances in several commercially successful films.

Who is Sneha in Yrkkh?

RecurringCharacterPortrayed byYear(s)Parvati SinghaniaKirti Sually2010–2019SnehaCharu Asopa2010RishabhKaran Sharma2010PayalNeha Sehgal2011–1549 more rows

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