Question: How do you wire a single light switch?

Does the hot wire go on the top or bottom of a single pole switch?

When you turn on a light switch, power goes to the light through the “hot” (black) wire and then back through the neutral (white) wire to the ground. The bare or green-wrapped ground wires serve as a backup to divert the power safely away in case of an electrical fault.

Can a light switch have one wire?

If power goes to the fixture before heading to the switch, you have end-line wiring. Only one cable enters the switch box, coming from the fixture. The white wire to the switch should be marked black to indicate that it is hot. (Ground wires are not shown.)

How do you wire a light switch with 3 wires?

0:261:21How to wire a three-way light switch - YouTubeYouTube

How many wires go to a light switch?

Three wires Three wires will be attached to your switch: a hot (black) wire, a neutral (white) wire and a ground (copper) wire. The black and white wires are attached using brass screws.

Why does my light switch only have 2 wires?

1 Answer. Yes, this is normal. There are two ways to wire a two-way switch with 2-core cable like you have: one where the switch is between the supply and the light fixture(s).

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