Question: Does Bumble have a phone number?

Bumble does not have a customer support phone number, but our team is always here to help you! You can contact the Bumble Support Team online 24/7 in the following ways: Directly within the app through the Contact & FAQ button.

How do I contact Bumble customer service?

If you are a Bumble user with a question, please contact Please type in your name.Email. Please type in a valid email.Company.

How do I contact Bumble for refund?

Officially, Bumble does not offer refunds for Bumble Boost subscriptions, but users have been known to get refunds by contacting the official Bumble Support Twitter account. It may be possible to request a refund from Apple via the iTunes & App Store or Google via the Google Play store.

Why did I get blocked on Bumble?

If your profile has been blocked it is because youve violated our Community Guidelines. The safety of our users is top priority, so we dont tolerate misuse of our platform.

Is there a lawsuit against Bumble?

A class action lawsuit had accused Bumble of discriminating against male app users who identified as being interested in women because the Bumble app only allows women to send messages first. Bumble denies any allegations of wrongdoing, and the Court has not ruled in favor of either party.

How do I get my subscription back on Bumble?

Just reach out to the Support Team using our Contact Form and well take care of that right away. (3) Where are my expired connections? When you subscribe to Bumble Boost/Premium, youll be able to rematch with your last five expired matches as well as any new expiring connections.

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