Question: Whats the difference between cute and cutesy compliments?

Is cute or pretty a better compliment?

Cute reflects the charm and innocence of a being. It is used to cherish someone, who is really fascinating and attractive in features .CutePrettyGeneral definition“attractive in a pretty or endearing way”.“attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful”.4 more rows

Can cute be used for a girl?

cute Add to list Share. We usually use cute to describe how something looks, like your cute smile or your cute dimples, but you can use it for anything thats endearing or pleasing, like the boy-gets-girl ending to a romantic comedy. Cute can also refer to something thats overly clever and a little bit fake.

What to say when a guy says youre sweet?

If you receive a sweet compliment text, you can respond with:Thanks - you made my day.Well thanks - if you could see me, Im full on blushing!I so appreciate you saying that - that was so sweet of you!Thanks so much - I really like your (insert a personality trait).

How do you express cute?

Adorable is an adjective we use to describe something, someone or someplace as likeable, have affection and/or attraction for .Adorable meaningLovable. Someone, something that is deserving of affection and/or love. Appealing. Charming. Cute. Cuddly. Sweet. Enchanting. Endearing.More items •Oct 23, 2017

What are cute babies called?

“Their new baby boy is just so cute!” What is another word for cute?adorabledeardaintydarlinginnocentlovablepreciouscharmingcuddlydelightful78 more rows

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