Question: How can I marry someone in Mexico?

Only marriages performed by Civil Registry Officials (not religious officials) are considered legal and valid in Mexico. U.S. Citizens must have a valid Passport and their Tourist or Residence permits up to date with Mexican Immigration Authorities; you must also request from Mexican Immigration a marriage permit.

Can foreigners marry in Mexico?

Foreigners getting married to foreigners You dont need to be resident in Mexico in order to get married here, youll just need a passport and your tourist permit, plus some other paperwork (see below).

Are marriages in Mexico valid in the US?

The short answer to this is Yes. However, as an American getting married in Mexico, only a civil wedding ceremony will be considered legally binding.

Can I officiate a wedding in Mexico?

A Symbolic or non-religious wedding is generally conducted by an officiant or minister. Hence why they are very common with foreigners. Again, if you need a recommendation on a wedding planner who can help coordinate a non-religious ceremony for your Mexico destination wedding.

What requirements do I need to get married in Mexico?

Marriage application forms โ€“ which can be obtained from the local registry office. Valid passports โ€“ as well as one copy of each persons passport. Birth certificates. Your visitors permit โ€“ obtained at your port of entry (usually airport) or, if youre resident in Mexico, a copy of your resident permit.

How much does a wedding cost in Mexico?

The average destination wedding in Mexico costs around $8,000 -- an impressively low price compared to the U.S. average of $33,000. Why so affordable? Mexico boasts numerous all-inclusive resorts that cater specifically to brides and grooms, many offering wedding packages between $4,000 and $6,000.

Are Mexico weddings cheaper?

No, destination weddings in Mexico are cheaper. $5-7k for a destination wedding VS $35,329 is the average cost of a traditional wedding in the USA.

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