Question: How can a girl make the first move?

How does a girl make the first move on a guy?

How to Make the First Move on a GuyAsk him if he has a girlfriend. This ones really important, since its a bit unsettling to try and pick up a guy whos already taken. Buy him a drink. Use observational humor. Compliment him. Smile. Get your friends in on it. Remind yourself why youre a catch. Make a game out of it.More items •20 Jul 2018

How do you know he wants to kiss?

He Makes a Comment About Your Lips or Mouth He might also make a comment about your lips, such as, Youve got the cutest lips or Whats the color of this lipstick youre wearing? This is one of the sure signs a guy wants to kiss you. He definitely likes you and is going to make his move soon.

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