Question: What will happen to WhatsApp in 2021?

WhatsApps 2021 privacy policy update deadline is here, and users will now have to accept it or they will lose access to all the features and chat list in the coming weeks. WhatsApp will not delete the accounts if people dont accept the policy, but they will gradually limit the features.

What changes are coming to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp: The 6 Big Changes Coming to the Instant Messaging Application in 2021Internal announcements on WhatsApp and new terms of use. Holiday mode. Purchases directly from the app.Calls and video calls desktop version. Choice of many devices. Self-destruction of certain visual content.2 Jan 2021

Which Android version is required for WhatsApp?

Android running OS 4.1 and newer. iPhone running iOS 10 and newer. Select phones running KaiOS 2.5. 0 and newer, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2.

Does WhatsApp expire on iPhone?

WhatsApp will stop working for some iPhones as well as Android smartphones starting January 1, 2021. According to the information on the WhatsApp FAQ section, WhatsApp will only be compatible with phones running the Android 4.0. 3 operating system or newer as well as iPhones running on iOS 9 and newer.

Which is safer WhatsApp or FaceTime?

Clearly, FaceTime is a lot more appealing if youre very concerned about your privacy than WhatsApp is. However, in terms of security, both platforms offer end-to-end encryption. The audio and video contents of WhatsApp and FaceTime calls are protected by end-to-end encryption.

Is Zoom like WhatsApp?

Zoom supports 100 but 50 isnt bad and is going to be more than enough for most people. This is another easy way to calls. And just like Hangouts, WhatsApp also works very well for video calls on relatively poor network. Also, note that the video calls made on WhatsApp are encrypted and relatively more secure.

Which phone does not support WhatsApp?

Further, devices from Chinese maker ZTE including the ZTE Grand S Flex, ZTE V956, Grand X Quad V987, and ZTE Grand Memo will stop supporting WhatsApp. Huaweis Ascend G740, Ascend Mate, Ascend D Quad XL, Ascend D1 Quad XL, Ascend P1 S, and Ascend D2 will stop supporting the Facebook-owned messaging app.

Why should you stop using WhatsApp?

WhatsApp may have ridden out its privacy backlash, but there will be more to come as some of you lose access to your accounts. As a security professional, its difficult to advise WhatsApp users to quit the app. The messaging platform has done more to popularize secure messaging than anyone else.

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