Question: How much does the Sunday Times newspaper cost?

How much does the Times and Sunday Times cost?

News UK has announced that The Sunday Times will cost 20p more from Sunday 7 July but margins for retailers will remain at 21%. Increasing in price from £2.70 to £2.90, the change is forecast to deliver an extra £5.6m in cash per year for stores.

What is the cover price of the Times?

The cover price will rise by 20p for The Times Monday – Friday editions to £2 and by the same amount for The Times Saturday to £2.20. The new cover price for Sunday Times will be £3, an increase of 10p.

How much is the Sunday Times in Ireland?

Sunday/Weekly TitlesIrish Farmers Journal€3.30Irish Mail on Sunday€3.20Sunday Times€3.40Sunday Independent€3.70Sunday World€2.6010 more rows

Can I just subscribe to Sunday Times?

Simply log in to enjoy unlimited web access to The Times and The Sunday Times. You can also download The Times app on your smartphone or tablet device.

Is the Sunday Times Irish or English?

The Sunday Times is a British newspaper whose circulation makes it the largest in the quality press market category. It was founded in 1821 as The New Observer. It is published by Times Newspapers Ltd, a subsidiary of News UK, which is owned by News Corp. Times Newspapers also publishes The Times.

How often does the Times newspaper come out?

It is considered a newspaper of record in the UK. The Times had an average daily circulation of 417,298 in January 2019; in the same period, The Sunday Times had an average weekly circulation of 712,291. An American edition of The Times has been published since 6 June 2006.

Who is the Daily Mail target audience?

British women The Daily Mail is a British daily tabloid formatted newspaper founded in 1896. Other editions of the daily paper include its sister paper The Mail on Sunday, as well as the Scottish and Irish Editions. The Daily Mails main target audience is lower-middle-class British women.

What political party is the times?

The TimesFront-page of The Times from 19 October 2015Founded1 January 1785 (as The Daily Universal Register)Political alignmentConservative Party New Labour (2001–2010)HeadquartersThe News Building, London 1 London Bridge Place, SE1 9GFCountryUnited Kingdom10 more rows

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