Question: Why are female athletes so good at dating?

Why are girls so attracted to athletes?

The researchers had a theory. The theory was that women like athletes because women want to be involved with healthy men. Athletes also show motivation, strength, determination, and teamwork.

Are athletes more attractive to girls?

Women are attracted to fit, athletic men—shocker. But now theres some science to back that up. New research from Switzerlands University of Zurich suggests that top-performing endurance athletes are perceived as more attractive than their slower, less-successful counterparts.

Why are pro athletes attractive?

“First, performance may be positively correlated with general health, vigor or strength, or certain personality characteristics (competitiveness), which in their turn may be associated with attractiveness. Alternatively, facial attractiveness may signal endurance performance in particular.”

Why do athletes look so good?

Athletic excellence may very well be a sexually selected and very desirable trait that goes hand in hand with exceptional genetic quality. In other words, their physical prowess is intimately linked to good genes. Their fortunate chromosomal makeup that makes them great in sports actually make them great in appearance.

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