Question: How does tinder make its money?

Tinder generates almost all of its revenue from subscriptions. Swidler says that Tinder Gold — the premium subscription service it rolled out last year gives users more features for $14.99 a month — is a big reason that sales are up. The other reason is more paying subscribers.

Do people make money from tinder?

Tinders making a lot of money off the single people of the world. In its final earnings release for 2019, Match Group disclosed that Tinder brought in $1.2 billion in revenue last year, further cementing its place as the dating app companys most valuable asset.

What is tinder business model?

Tinder Business Model has a unique selling proposition of connecting users with strangers which they wouldnt have normally met, rather than connecting with people a user already knew. The unique Tinder Business Model to strengthen Tinder revenue is being listed down.

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