Question: Should you ask someone out in person or online?

Should I ask someone out online or in person?

Its a good idea to find out as soon as possible whether you have a connection with someone and whether youre interested in them. When messaging online, its easy to get used to the daily contact and as a result the conversation can go on for a long time before realizing you havent actually met in person yet.

Is it better to ask someone out in person or on text?

If you are too shy to do the asking in person, then consider sending a text, Facebook message, or email. Text messages are a good option if you are too afraid to do the asking in person. Doing the asking in person is romantic and can be very rewarding if the person says yes.

How a girl can ask a guy out?

Tell him how you feel about him. Mention the way he makes you feel and tell him you want to know him more. Ask if hed be interested in getting coffee or going to see a movie, suggest activities that arent necessarily romantic but can be with a little spark.

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