Question: How is Bharat Matrimony review?

This is a total scam, basically, recreates the same profiles that were originally posted on BharatMatrimony( Based on marital status and caste they auto post the same profiles in their Community websites and then charge additional fee to use those community websites.

Is Bharat Matrimony paid?

We have hundreds of Associates across the globe. You can upgrade / renew your membership by making a payment directly to the Associate. You can make your payment by Cash / Cheque / DD. Just remember, Cheques / DDs should be drawn in favor of the Associates.

What is the fee for Bharat Matrimony?

Bharat Matrimony Membership PackagesBharat matrimony membership charges in rupees3 Month Package6 Month PackageDiamond PackageRs. 5900Rs. 10600Platinum PackageRs. 6900Rs. 12400Assisted Service PackageRs. 23000Rs. 40000Till-U-Marry PackageREGULAR Rs. 13900ADVANTAGE Rs. 149001 more row

Is BharatMatrimony safe?

Please stay away from, it is one of biggest and innovative online scams going on. They will rob you blind and you will get nothing but fake profiles.

Is Bharat Matrimony is free? Need help in your partner search? You can choose to register either as a free member or as a paid member.

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