Question: What is the most valuable postcard?

Most Expensive Postcards The most expensive postcard ever sold ($ 45,370.70) is believed to be worlds oldest card, sent by writer Theodore Hook to no one other than himself in 1840. Old (real) photographs taken in the beginning of the 20th century always do well, as do complete albums of vintage postcards.

What postcards are worth a lot of money?

Some of the most valuable postcards include photos of ocean liners or railroads, as collectors are interested in making these rare images part of a collection. Photos from the early 1900s of homes, families and other personal scenes are also popular, falling under the name Real Photo Postcards.

Some vintage postcards are copyright protected, and others are not. If a postcard is copyright protected, it cannot be reproduced or used without permission. However, many vintage postcards are not copyright protected and are available in public domain – which means they can be reproduced and used freely by anyone.

Do postcards have copyright?

Re: Postcard Copyright My understanding is that copyright of photographic postcards extends for 70 years after the death of the publisher (or person who took the photos).

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