Question: Why is it difficult to date Shakespeares plays?

The Chronology of Shakespeares Plays. It is impossible to know the exact order of succession because there is no record of the first production date of any of Shakespeares works.

Why are Shakespeare plays difficult?

There are a lot of words that have changed their meaning over time. It is because of these semantic changes that we have difficulty understanding Shakespeare. The reason is that the language that Shakespeare spoke and wrote in is different from what we speak and write in today.

Is Shakespeare too hard for students?

William Shakespeares language has always been thought of as extremely challenging to understand, especially to high school students. Too often teachers give up on embracing this difficulty and use No Fear Shakespeare or film versions in their classrooms to replace Shakespeares original language.

Why do people find Shakespeare hard to read?

The difficulty in reading Shakespeare comes from the literary allusions, particularly the allusions to classical mythology. Vandiver when on to say that the primary source of classical mythology for Shakespeare and his audience was Ovids Metamorphoses. Studying this one book would make the Bard much more approachable.

Why do students find Shakespeare difficult?

Pedagogy and Shakespeares language. Teaching and learning Shakespeare is difficult because the plays contain the language of 400 years ago and much has changed. Not surprisingly, therefore, much has been written about how to do it.

Is Romeo and Juliet a hard read?

Romeo and Juliet is a book about two star crossed lovers who fall in love with each other at first sight. I will admit its hard to read this book but, with some help from your English teacher you will be able to read it by act 3. Shakespeare is very poetic but, is like a rapper in many ways.

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