Question: Who are the parents of Danny ODonoghue?

Are script still together?

But after touring their hit record, The Script — lead singer Danny ODonoghue, 38, drummer Glen Power, 39, and guitarist Mark Sheehan, 41, — announced they were going on a break, which ended up being a three-year hiatus.

Who are the members of The Script?

Danny ODonoghueGuitar Mark SheehanGuitarGlen PowerRodney Alejandro The Script/Members The Script are an Irish rock band formed in 2007 in Dublin, Ireland. They first released music in 2008. The band consists of lead vocalist and keyboardist Daniel ODonoghue, lead guitarist Mark Sheehan, and drummer Glen Power.

Is the script tour Cancelled?

Its with deep sadness that we have to announce our June 2021 shows in Newcastle, Amsterdam and Belgium have been cancelled.

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