Question: What shops are in Welwyn Garden City?

With a great variety of shops including John Lewis, H&M, Debenhams, Next, Marks and Spencer as well as some fantastic independents such as Kinetic Cyles and Natural Health, Welwyn Garden City has the best of both worlds.

Is Welwyn Hatfield the same as Welwyn Garden City?

Welwyn Garden City, also called Welwyn, new town and urban area (from 2011 built-up area) in Welwyn Hatfield district, administrative and historic county of Hertfordshire, southeast-central England. It is located on the northern periphery of London.

Is Hatfield rough?

HATFIELD has been ranked alongside inner city London, Manchester and Merseyside as one of the top seven crime hotspots in the country.

Is Hatfield a nice area to live?

Like Stevenage, Hatfield has an old town area that is full of character and is the most popular place to buy homes in. If youre looking for more peaceful pursuits, you can pass time in the large Hatfield Park which is home to Hatfield House.

Is Hertfordshire a nice place to live?

There will be plenty going on in its many rural areas, including outdoor activities such as walking or cycling through Chiltern Hills National Park. Hertfordshire is also known for its affluent areas, which makes life easier for its residents. But like any other county, it has its best and worst places to live.

Is Welwyn Garden City a town?

Mark One New Town – Designated 20 May 1948 Welwyn Garden City has a unique story. Having started life in 1919 as Englands second Garden City, built and developed by a private company working for the community, its designation as a New Town took it from private to public (state) delivery.

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