Question: What to do after a breakup in a polyamorous relationship?

How do breakups work in poly relationships?

Poly breakups arent special or unique. Theyre breakups. When youre polyamorous, your heart breaks the same way anyone elses does. There is a special circumstance, and that is a breakup with an abusive partner.

Can a relationship work after 3 breakups?

According to research by Kansas University, one in three cohabiting couples got back together after a breakup. Even more interesting is that the chances of getting back together increased by 17% for younger people between the ages of 17 and 24.

Can polyamorous relationships work long term?

The study, which included thousands of people in both monogamous and polyamorous setups, found that people in polyamorous relationships may better be able to experience both nurturance (the comfort and security associated with long-term relationships) and eroticism (sexual pleasure and passion associated with new

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