Question: Who is Wayne from Celebs Go Dating?

Wayne Lineker claims hes engaged to his Celebs Go Dating co-star Chloe Ferry. W ayne Lineker has stunned fans by claiming hes engaged to his Celebs Go Dating co-star Chloe Ferry. The 58-year-old nightclub boss confused fans as he posted snaps cuddled up to Ferry, 25, writing on Instagram: She said YES!

Is Wayne Lineker still with Billie-Jean from Celebs Go Dating?

Wayne seemed smitten with the part-time radio host and in the final episode of the looking for love series both Wayne and Billie-Jean decided to commit to their relationship outside the mansion after the show. Two months after filming it was revealed the pair are no longer romantically involved.

Who owns Linekers bar Tenerife?

Wayne - brother of former footballer Gary Lineker - owns a nightlife empire believed to worth around £30 million. He started out by launching a sports bar in Tenerife in 1988, which became known as Linekers Bar, and went on to roll out the brand across Spain.

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