Question: Who do I contact about abuse?

Who do you talk to about abuse?

You may decide to talk with a professional therapist (a social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist) about how the abuse has affected you. Your local domestic violence program, rape crisis center, or the local YWCA may be able to refer you to an agency that provides counseling or recommend a private therapist.

Who can you report suspected or actual abuse?

(The emergency police number is 999, the non-emergency number is 101). If there is no immediate danger, you should report your concerns about abuse to the local authority in which the person is living, immediately.

What do you do if someone tells you they are being abused?

What you should do if someone discloses abuse to youstay calm and listen to them.take what you are being told seriously.reassure them they have done the right thing by telling you.where possible, make sure that evidence is preserved as this might be needed.make a written note of what you have been told.More items

Where do I report abuse in South Africa?

How to report child abuse in South AfricaSouth African Police Services (SAPS)LifeLine South Africa.The Child Emergency Line.Women and Men Against Child Abuse.Childline South Africa.Child Welfare South Africa.

What is suspected abuse?

Suspected Abuse means reasonable cause to believe that abuse may have occurred.

What is your responsibility following suspected abuse?

If the suspected abuse results in serious bodily injury, a telephone report shall be made to the local law enforcement agency immediately but also no later than within two (2) hours law enforcement agency immediately, but also no later than within two (2) hours.

What is the punishment for intimidation in South Africa?

Content of the Act If found guilty, a R20,000 fine or imprisonment of no less than 10 years or both. It also defines the onus on the accused to prove a lawful reason for the offence described in section 1.1.

What is the correct procedure for recording suspected abuse?

Inform the counselor that you believe you have a suspected case of abuse or neglect. He/she will ask you some basic questions for their records and then ask you what evidence you have to suspect that something has taken place. that it is either reportable or not a reportable case.

How do you track abuse?

Ways to document abuse include:Keep a journal of what you experience, including descriptions of how the incident made you feel.Write down statements you, your partner, or any witnesses make before, during, or after the abuse.Record dates, times, and descriptions of incidents.More items

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