Question: What is NextDate on POF?

Plenty of fish added a lot of interesting features in the live stream for example favorite, credits, diamonds, and next date. The next date is nothing but you will get settings in live stream feature with a name next date. According to POF, the next date is the game that lets you find your next date.

What is NextDate?

NextDate allows users to star in their own dating game. In NextDate a streamer has 90 seconds to tap “Next,” which ends the current pairing and skips to the next contestant in the queue, or “Date,” which reciprocates the contestants interest and enables the two users to connect by 1:1 video chat in the future.

Does plenty of fish block messages?

Your messages have been blocked automatically by our system because… a) It includes foul language, and sexual or explicit terms. This may also lead to the deletion of your account. b) You are using the “copy and paste” method of messaging where all your messages are the same.

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