Question: What is the average salary in Saigon?

The average salary for jobs in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is 281.614. 084 ₫ (VND) per year or an hourly rate of 135.391 ₫ (VND).

What is the average wage in Saigon?

In 2020, on average, a citizen of Ho Chi Minh City earned around 6.54 million Vietnamese dong per month. The monthly average income per capita in Ho Chi Minh City had been increasing yearly before decreasing slightly in 2020. It was also the highest among all provinces in Vietnam in 2019.

What is a good salary in Ho Chi Minh?

The average wage in 2017 in Hồ Chí Minh city was 456$/month, or 5472$/year, 38% higher than the national average. Theres so official data that I know of, but a newly graduate usually earns roughly 4-8 million VND/month, or about 2000-4000 USD/year. This is basically the minimum wage.

What is the hourly wage in Vietnam?

In 2018, minimum wages were increased by 6.5 percent and ranged from VND 2.76 million (US$118) to VND 3.98 million (US$171). In 2019, the new minimum wages will range from VND 2.92 million (US$126) to VND 4.18 million (US$180).

How much money is considered rich in Vietnam?

According to Knight Franks report, in order to be included in the 1% richest people in Vietnam, one needs to have assets worth at least US$160,000. For Monaco, which has the worlds densest population of super-rich, the entry point for the principalitys branch of the 1% club is US$7.9 million.

Top 10 Interesting Jobs in VietnamReal Estate Broker. Foreign Language Instructor. Lodging and Food Providers. Tour Operator. Investment Consultants. Finance/Investment. Banking. Programmer and Information Technology Industry.More items •7 Sep 2020

What is the best investment in Vietnam?

3. Top 5 industries investment opportunities that foreigners should consider3.1. Construction and Building. One of the best investment industry in Vietnam for foreigners is Construction materials. 3.2. Beauty and cosmetics. 3.3. Agricultural. 3.4. Real Estate. 3.5. Car business.

Is it easy to get a job in Vietnam?

Despite the fact that Vietnam is a country with an almost negligible unemployment rate, foreigners find it hard to find a job. This is due to the laws that the Vietnamese government have when it comes to hiring foreigners making it hard for expatriates to enter the labor market.

Is $200 a lot of money in Vietnam?

Despite this, its still possible to travel in Vietnam on a backpackers budget of $40 or less per day, or enjoy a more comfortable trip for $60 to $100 per day. For a five-star experience in Vietnam, its best to budget $200 or more per day – roughly the same amount as youd spend in nearby countries like Thailand.

What can you buy in Vietnam with $100?

In Vietnam, USD $100 Can Get You:15-18 nights in a budget hotel, or 5-8 nights in a three-star accommodation in Hanoi.15-20 mid-priced restaurant meals.1 one-way trip from Hanoi to Da Nang via Livitrans luxury train.26 Jun 2019

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