Question: What percent of best friends end up dating?

Turns out, of the 76 percent of respondents who said theyd struck up a relationship with their best friend, 29 percent resulted in marriage.

Is it common for best friends to fall in love?

Falling in love with a friend does not happen for everyone, but it definitely can happen. Its certainly common for close friends to love one another in a platonic friendship way, but that does not mean that great friendships will always develop into romantic feelings or falling in love.

How do I stop liking my best friend?

Here are the six things Ive learned about how to get over a crush on a friend.Allow yourself to grieve. Unrequited love is a loss. Pick your distance. Understand what your brain is doing. Find non-romantic media to consume. Treat your feelings as a third person in the relationship. Let your feelings inspire you.15 May 2021

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