Question: Which is the oldest town in Karachi?

KARACHI: Lyari Town is the oldest settlement of Karachi city, with an estimated population of 607,992, mainly comprising workers and small businessmen.

What is the oldest place in Karachi?

The oldest in old town - Empress MarketAsia.Pakistan.Sindh Province.Karachi.Karachi - Things to Do.Empress Market.

Which is the biggest town in Karachi?

Gadap Town KARACHI: Spread over 1,200 square kilometres, Gadap Town is area wise Karachis biggest town, with a population estimated at around 300,000. It is also the most sparsely populated unit of the city.

How much old is Karachi?

KarachiKarachi کراچیEstablished1729Metropolitan council1880City councilCity Complex, Gulshan-e-Iqbal TownDistrictsshow 729 more rows

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