Question: Who died in Vault of Glass?

Destiny 2 players instantly kill Atheon in the Vault of Glass Raid. In the Vault of Glass Raid, players will find Atheon, Times Conflux after defeating the Templars and finishing the gatekeeper encounter. Atheon is a Vex Lord, and one of the original Raid bosses from Destiny.

Who went into the vault of glass?

Kabr, Praedyth and Pahanin entered the Vault with a dream of conquering the Vex but instead became a terrifying tale of what happens when you underestimate them. After the three descended into the vault, they were quickly confronted with the Vexs might and each one succumb to it.

What happened in the vault of glass?

Vault of Glass is a Raid located on Venus, located in the Vex structure of the same name. It was made available in Destiny on September 16, 2014, and is one of the four Raids in the game .Vault of Glass (Raid)Vault of GlassObjective(s):Stop the Vex from spreading through all of time through destroying the source of their operation.9 more rows•Aug 6, 2021

What happened to Praedyth?

His fate is explored in the Story Mission Paradox. After fighting through Taken, the Guardian discovers Praedyths corpse, long dead, trapped deep within the Vault of Glass .PraedythBiographical informationClass:Warlock5 more rows

Who beat vault of glass first?

Elysium Just one hour and 43 minutes after the launch of the raid, a clan by the name of Elysium became the first group to fully clear the Vault of Glass. The team featured Destiny 2 streamer Saltagreppo, as well as several other players including Cruz, Kyros, Moople, Quazz, and Slap.

Who won world first?

Well, theyve done it. Seven days on from the launch of World of Warcrafts Sanctum of Domination raid, the race to become world first to beat it has ended, with the European Echo guild emerging the champions.

Who got sylvanas world first?

Echo Echo managed to take her down to the required 45 percent, finish the fight, and secured the World First.

Did limit get world first?

Limit became the worlds first to conquer Nzoth, the final boss in the Nyalotha raid back in February. They got the kill after 274 attempts and became the first North American guild to win a Race to World First in a decade.

What race was kabr?

Kabr, also known as Kabr the Legionless, was a legendary Titan who, long ago, ventured into the Vault of Glass. He did not succeed in his efforts. In his last moments, he created the Aegis. One of the first areas of the Vault was named in his honor.

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