Question: How do you date with a mental illness?

How do you tell a mentally ill date?

Be honest. They need to know about it. Dont downplay it or lie to them in any way. They will most likely find out later if you do. Open yourself up and tell them what you need and want to tell them.

How does mental health affect romantic relationships?

Miller says, “Sometimes our mental health symptoms can make us feel lethargic, impact our ability to express empathy, or cause feelings of anxiety and isolation. Sometimes these symptoms can cause codependency or even resentment of your partner.”

How do I tell my partner I have a mental illness?

All you have to do is explain, as calmly and simply as you can, what you understand to be the mental health issues youre dealing with, and how that might affect your relationship at times. It can be useful to be specific: sometimes, I might not feel very talkative.

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