Question: Are restaurants open in Mumbai on weekends?

The government allowed dine-in in restaurants albeit with a time restriction till 4 pm on weekdays. The States order has not specified of restaurants will remain shut on weekends. Despite attempts, Kunte or Dr Pradeep Vyas, Additional Chief Secretary (health), could not be reached for clarification on restaurants.

Are restaurants working in Mumbai?

Restaurants are safe as we follow the stringent guidelines by FSSAI, State Govt and Central Govt. We request the CM and the BMC to save restaurants and bars from this danger and allow us to operate till at least 11PM,” said Sherry Bhatia, President, Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India (HRAWI).

Are malls open on weekends in Mumbai?

All essential and non-essential shops including shopping malls in other cities except Mumbai will remain open on all weekdays till 8pm and till 3pm on Saturdays. All shops and shopping malls will remain shut on Sundays until further notice, the state government said in a notification on Monday evening.

Can we go to malls in Mumbai?

MUMBAI: Those below 18 years of age who are not vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus will be allowed to enter malls in Mumbai from Sunday. The vaccination status will have to be displayed inside the premises. Since there is no vaccination for those below 18, we cant not let them enter malls,” Chahal said.

Who can visit malls in Mumbai?

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra government on Monday decided to allow those below 18 years of age who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 to visit shopping malls upon displaying the valid age proof.

Can I travel at night in Mumbai?

MUMBAI: A day after issuing detailed guidelines, the state government on Monday issued revised guidelines with a few additions, allowing people to return home, go to a railway station, bus stop or to the airport after 8 pm, during night curfew and also weekends by carrying valid tickets.

Can we travel during lockdown in Pune?

Shisve said no e-pass is required for movement within Pune city from 7am to 5pm, adding that non-essential travel is not allowed from 5pm to 7am. “We will follow all guidelines issued by the state government and policies formulated by the PMC,” he said. “People can travel for emergency purposes.

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